Friday, November 6, 2009

A message for Baby Sam?

Hey Bloggy World. :) Baby Sam is doing GREAT. I have a favor to ask! I found out that I can make my blog into a book, so that I can show Sam when he gets older. If you followed Baby Sam's story, read the blog, prayed for him, spread the word...can you please leave a comment for him? That way he'll know all of the wonderful people who were by his side when he was born. Thanks!!


  1. Sweet Baby Sam,

    Your precious life is an answered prayer and you are loved by so many! We prayed for you when you were in your Mom's tummy and after you were born. I know your parents prayed for you long before that. With His own eyes, God saw your body being formed. Even before you were born, God had written in his book everything you would do. (Psalm 139:16) God has amazing plans for your life, Sam!

    with love,

    Sergio, Laura & Matteo SanchezQuan

  2. Dearest Baby Sam,

    Before you were born, your Mommy's journey moved so many of us that when she asked all of us to bow our heads and pray for your safe arrival, we didn't hesitate. Many of us even posted lil' buttons on our own websites to remind others to do the same! I hope you will one day learn of the power of prayer that we all believe brought you safely into this world you know now.

    You will never know us but know that God does answer prayers, even through the voice of complete strangers.

  3. Dear Baby Sam,
    You have no clue who I am at this point but I have been following your story for some time when I found your sweet Mommy's blog. I have been so inspired by your mom's testimony and how faithful she is to God. Reading about you and your precious story has brought me so much encouragement. I have prayed for you a lot and I am so thankful God answered everyone's prayers and blessed your sweet family with you amazing pressence. I know you are a gift from God and it is such a miracle! Thank you for allowing me to see your story unfold, I know God has great plans for you in the future!

  4. Precious Baby Sam,

    I know that one day you will be overjoyed to know just how many people were praying for you and your tiny heart before you were ever born. Because of your story, and the love and faith displayed by your parents, there are many of us who's faith has been strengthened. Know that you were part of a much bigger plan to join hearts and bring people closer to the Lord. Some people strive all of their life to be that kind of inspiration and you have been that miracle for us before anyone ever laid eyes on you. May God Bless your life and continue to wrap His loving arms around you wherever you may go.


    "And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you." —Psalm 9:10

  5. You can delete this, but are you doing a "blurb book"... they turn out AMAZING. We did the hardback and my son is 2 yrs old and already enjoys flipping thru his first year and seeing photos of everything from pregnancy, bed rest and his first months.

  6. Sam,

    You were loved so much before you were even born. There are those of us may never meet you, or pass by you on the street, but we are in awe that you are such a healthy baby. May God continue to bless you and that tiny heart of yours as you grow big and strong in the years to come. Wishing you lots of love, happiness and adventures!

  7. Baby Sam,
    You are a miracle baby to your Daddy and Mommy but also to us prayer warriors. We prayed for you to be a beautiful and healthy little boy and you have just succeeded expectations. You are a blessing to all. May God bless you today, tomorrow and always sweet baby Sam. I hope you love every minute of your life. Hugs

  8. Hi Sam,
    I don't know you or your family. I happened upon your Mommy's blog one day and have been a follower since. I am one of the millions(I hope) that prayed for you to be healtly!! Thank God you are!!!!

  9. Dear Sam,
    I followed you and your mommy's journey with faith from the beginning. I want you to know that you are a miracle who is loved by many but most importantly by God! I prayed for you to be born healthy and whole, and now I pray that you would grow to be a man who loves and serves God wholeheartedly. May He bless you and your family always!

  10. I don't know you....but what a beautiful story!
    God is good! Precious!!!

  11. Baby Sam, you have such a special mommy and loving family. I found out about your story from one of your mommy and daddy's friend, Kim Erbele. I have been following your story and my family storming the throne of God on your behalf since we heard about you. Always trust in Him :-) Prov.3:5-6 The Burda Family

  12. I met your mom through another blog and became very interested in your family. I have a blood clotting disorder just like mommy. We both have been blessed with our miracles you!!!!

  13. Precious Sam... I've known your mommy since long before you were ever even a hope in her heart! I've been blessed to call her a friend for all these years. While you were still in Mommy's womb, you were anticipated with great excitement and shrouded in countless prayers. And as God would have it, you were born a living miracle! So fresh from Heaven, God has placed you in the arms of a wonderful Mommy, Daddy, and Sister. Grow strong little one!

    Love Kristy

  14. Wow, dear Sam, God sure taught us all a lesson in having complete faith in Him as we waited for your birth! We knew He was in control, that He was forming every cell in your body just the way He wanted to, for His purpose and plan! We were so happy that His plan was to heal your heart, and we feel so in awe as we witnessed this miracle! Our prayer is that you will one day come to know the God who gave you life, healed your physical body, and offers you eternal life through His Son, Jesus! May you passionately follow Him your whole life! We love you Sam!
    Teri "Nana" & Bill "Pop"

  15. Dear Precious Sam - Here are two entries I posted on my blog regarding what a miracle you are! (



    Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    Wanna see a miracle?

    Two weeks ago, on September 17th, I posted this entry about my blog friend Erica and her soon-to-be-born baby Sam (see entire post below).

    He was born yesterday, September 29th, on my birthday, and it looks like his little heart problems have been healed!

    I commented on her site with this verse, because we've seen this verse in action in our own miracle baby story when Matt was healed back in November, and it's near and dear to my heart.
    "I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears, surely I will heal you."
    II Kings 20:5

    Thank you God!!! And welcome to the world Sam! You are so loved!


    I was in the middle of writing an update about my doctors appointment today and took a break to check in on some of my blogging friends.

    I was stunned to see this update from my blog friend, Erica, who is due with Baby Sam sometime in the next few weeks.

    A little background...

    Erica has a blood clotting disorder too.

    We met through a prayer blog about women trying to conceive.

    She has also had multiple miscarriages.

    She is accustom to being in and out of the hospital with pre-term labor and delivers early babies too.

    She is having a little boy also, they named Sam.

    Sam will have a similar testimony to Charlie. God told Erica she will have another baby, much like he told us that we will have another baby!

    Erica found out she was pregnant with Sam the day we found out we had our miscarriage after Matt's surgery - we would have been due the same date in October. So I've followed her story closely because I feel a connection through all of this.

    Here's the huge prayer request...

    Today they found out that Baby Sam has 1, possibly 3 heart defects and will need surgery. They have been completely caught off guard, I'm sure they are scared, confused and just devastated.

    She has had many ultrasounds and I don't know why this was never discovered before, but God's plan is perfect and they are strong Christians who trust in Him completely.

    Please be praying for Erica, her husband, Travis and their daughter, Emma and they walk this unknown journey. And please be praying for precious baby Sam and his doctors.

    Here is a link to Erica's blog...

    Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23

  16. I know I already wrote you a note, but I just remembered something that I thought I should tell you, Baby Sam. An atheist friend of mine kept reading on my blog or my facebook about your story because would click on your Mom's blog link. I know it was the first step and definitely the first glimpse she ever saw of how amazing and powerful God is! Your life and story extends further beyond and touches people beyond a level I think anyone may ever know.

    much love,

    Laura SanchezQuan

  17. Dear sweet baby Sam,

    You don't know me, and you may never meet me. But I have been so inspried by your mommy's love for you and by your special story, that I can honestly say I love you! You have touched my life in such a special way. You are part of such an amazing family, and your mother is truly God's angel on earth. I knew her when she was a girl, and she has grown into such a beautiful woman, inside and out. You are lucky to have her as your mommy!

    Sam, I hope you will always know what an inspriation you have been to so many people, even as a child, and even before you were born. You are truly special!

    With love,
    Kelley Edwards