Thursday, March 19, 2009


We stopped by HEB tonight for some more of my favorite cereal....and I could not get out the door without a hot rotisserie chicken and a watermelon. And I didn't go to HEB for those things....but once I was there -- I had to have them. Mmmmmm.....I was eating the chicken before I even got my shoes off when I got into the house! I know! CHICKEN! A worker at HEB also saw me looking around in the "healthy food" section where you can fill your own bags full of nuts or pretzels. She told me I could have a sample. Oh really? She said I could have AS MANY samples as the baby wanted. ;) I ate a pretty yummy peanut butter coated pretzel.....


  1. samples for baby??? I think I...I mean Naomi... might NEED to go and get some of those free samples. :)

  2. Chicken? Last I heard, you did NOT want chicken. Our little baby is trying new things! He/she is very smart to crave healthy protein-packed chicken. GranJan's most recent craving was Cheetos! Love, GJ

  3. Chicken hmm? I think that means this one's a boy! :) I have no idea why, just wishful thinking. :) You look SO ADORABLE!!!