Sunday, March 1, 2009

Looking Pregnant

I have always looked pregnant very early. With Emma, at 8 weeks, I had to tell my coworkers because it was getting obvious. And over the summer, I had a lady ask me how far along I was -- at FIVE weeks. And I do realize that our little baby is kidney bean sized right now, but my tummy is much bigger than that!

This is the conversation I had yesterday at the maternity store:

Lady: Oh, how far along are you?

Me: (embellishing) 8 weeks.

Lady's Pregnant Daughter: (sticking her head out of a dressing room) Oh, you are so little and cute and I'm so big!!! And I'm just 29 weeks.

Me: Oh, you look great! You are supposed to be getting bigger!

Lady's Pregnant Daughter: But look at you!

Me: I am only 8 weeks pregnant!

Lady's Pregnant Daughter: WHAT?!?!?!?! EIGHT WEEKS?!?!?! I thought you said eight months!!! Are you sure?

Me: Yup. Pretty sure about this.

Translation -- Being 8 months pregnant was feasible, but being only 8 weeks pregnant was jaw-dropping. ;) Really??

Now maybe you understand why I need maternity pants at 8 weeks!


  1. Lookin' good, Eri! Love, GJ

  2. I want to see a belly picture. You are probably the cutest pregnant girl!!!!!!!

  3. hi erica- i just had to stop and comment. you see, i have mthfr as well- and not only that, but we didn't know about it with my first baby. he is a beautiful, healthy, perfect almost three year old. i also have three babies in heaven- but those miscarriages led to my diagnosis. i cannot even begin to explain the grace that God has given me- it's astounding to me how easily it seems that my heart has healed, especially when i was so devastated. i read through all of your posts and much of what i read seemed so similar- not being able to smile after reading a positive pregnancy test- so there with ya. but again, my faith and my relationship with Jesus has grown so much during the past year, and i wouldn't take anything for that. anyway, just couldn't pass by without commenting- will be praying that all goes well during this pregnancy!