Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

Our sweet baby is doing so well!!!! Thank you over and over for all of the well wishes and prayers you have sent our way. The baby is measuring 7 weeks 4 days, which is just right and the precious heartbeat has gotten so fast and strong!!! It was 164 today!!!

My doctor is a dream come true. He is so very wonderful. We were at his satellite office today, which as it turns out, is not that far away and quite near Travis's office. Since the office is soooo small (as compared to the big city main office), the doctor did the ultrasound HIMSELF! Which meant I could SEE the screen and he could talk us through it. And we could snag a video with our camera. (see below)

Since I went in for an early appointment today, I managed to snag one extra week with Dr. Wonderful before I head off to a regular OB. And I will definitely go to his little office again! He is so caring and understanding and never makes me feel silly or crazy when I get worried -- or when he has to squeeze me in between appointments on a Friday.

He also said the spotting does not appear to be baby-related, but probably just irritation from the progesterone, etc. He said I do not have to take it easy -- so Emma and I are so headed to Target this afternoon. I've hardly left the house all week!

On the way home we grabbed a quick bite to eat--and I really celebrated with a cup of Sprite! haha. Oh yeah, it was a big day.

Here is a video of our little baby. (Pause the music at the bottom of my blog so you can hear the video.) At the beginning of the video, the doc is joking about how he only lets you hear the heartbeat twice, since I was asking for a third time. Then you can hear a wonderful, strong heartbeat for a bit. It comes and goes a little, but as he explains that is only because of my breathing and slight movements of the ultrasound. At the end he starts talking about my if you don't want to hear that -- beware! But I don't know how to edit the clip. ;)

We also came home with some cute little pictures. I saw baby feet today, y'all!


This is the milestone we so hoped for when I was pregnant over the summer. There aren't really words to express how joyfully happy I am right now.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Ephesians 3:20,21


  1. Yay!!! Baby feet??? How SWEET!!!! Congrats, sounds like you have a healthy, growing little baby in there! Will continue to pray!

  2. Oh!!!! Praise the LORD! And that strong heartbeat is such a beautiful sound!!!

  3. Now we are so happy we can do the "Dance of Joy..." Hehheee! Thank you Father, for a strong heartbeat and some sweet little feet!

  4. Thank you God! Erica, I know you are so excited and a huge burden has been lifted! I am so excited for you and know that feeling of scared anticipation and then the surge of overwhelming joy! How neat that you got to see baby feet! Is there anything sweeter? Oh I am so happy for you!


  5. I am seriously crying right now. What a miracle!! I am oh so happy for you both :)It really is such a miracle that you have this sweet little baby growing inside your tummy....i love it!!!! Keep the pics/videos coming.

  6. Great video! Thanks for sharing, Erica! Your baby must have enormous feet!! At over 8 weeks, I couldn't even tell our little "guy" was a baby!! ;-) haha So excited for you and cannot wait to have baby play dates!!!

  7. wow, bill and i are sitting here just thrilled about that strong heartbeat!!.......go baby Miller!!......and thank You Lord!......we're praying for you guys!

  8. Love that heartbeat! Can you hear mine? It is racing with awe-some joy!! Love, GJ

  9. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Were you guys just crying tears of joy as you were having the ultrasound? I would have been. Totally amazing. God, cause Erica's new doctor to capture her heart just as much as this one has! Let her have even more favor with him and let these doctors see your glory through the Miller's unwaivering faith in you.

  10. I just listened to the heartbeat again, this time without turning down the music, and that heartbeat still beats strong above the music. It is wonderful! Love, GJ

  11. He is so, so good. I am beyond thrilled that the pregnancy is progressing - there is nothing like hearing the heartbeat for the first time!