Friday, August 7, 2009

LESS than 8 weeks to go!

I have to admit that 8 weeks sounds like a really long time to me, but when I think about what was going on 8 weeks ago, it feels like just yesterday. Needless to say, I can't wait!!!

I had a checkup yesterday and everything is going just great. :) I asked my doctor if I needed to stop the baby aspirin (which moderately thins my blood) before my c-section, you know, so I would be able to stop bleeding at some point. He gave me lots of possible answers but in the end has referred me to a maternal-fetal-medicine-specialist for a 2nd opinion about my delivery and post-partum care.

He said baby aspirin stays in your system for 4 weeks, so I'd have to stop 4 weeks before my c-section. At that point, some people go back on the Lovenox (which majorly thins blood) because that can get out of your system in one day -- so I could take it up until September 30th -- and then have the baby on October 1st. He says there are, of course, risks to being on Lovenox, like getting in a car accident and having too much bleeding because the blood is so thin.....but that's not really very likely.

So, now I'm waiting for an appointment with a new doctor -- but I'll stay with my regular doctor after that for the rest of my pregnancy. I wonder what I'll find out?

I can't wait to meet our little boy!!!!!

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