Monday, August 3, 2009

Jumping Beans

Did you ever have one of those tiny boxes of "jumping beans" when you were a kid? Here's a little video of my belly, Baby Sam, and a container of Chickfila Sauce. :) Much of the movement is my breathing, BUT you can see the little Chickfila container bouncing around if you watch closely!!

In other news, today is thirty weeks!!!!! Whoa! I have my first of the every-2-weeks OB appointments later this week. Yesterday, we took the big sister to the sibling class at the hospital. :) It was sooooo fun. When she saw the brand new (less than 2 hours old!) babies in the nursery she was thrilled and danced all the way down the hallway back to the elevator. :)

When the big day is here, we have 2 special presents for her. One is a boy baby doll (hard to find!). Clothes were even harder to find! I ordered a custom fit knit baby hat for the doll on Etsy and it cost about $2. haha. Now I'm going to get the lady to make a matching blanket. Also, she is going to get a beaded bracelet with her name on it and a charm that says "big sis". I sure hope she knows how special she is!

And here's the only belly shot I have right now! This is my belly barely fitting in a booth at Chuck E. Cheese's. hahaa!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! ALL OF IT!!!!!!


  2. The countdown! It is so fun to see Sam moving around in there! Love, GJ

  3. I saw this on Facebook and forgot to comment. I was like...what on earth is this video that Erica has posted? Oh...oh, she did NOT. That is NOT a Chick-fil-A container on poor Sam! hehehehe. Totally cute! I can't believe how close it's getting! Okay, yes I can. My sisters keep asking me, "Has Erica had her baby yet? Hasn't she been pregnant forever?" :)

  4. Hey I gave you an award over at my blog! Check it out!