Wednesday, April 8, 2009

13 (and a half?) weeks!

Monday marked 13 weeks for me, aka the start of my 2nd trimester!!! (If you have been paying really close attention, I used to start a new "week" on Tuesdays, but I have changed it to Mondays because that is when my weekly emails arrive telling me I am a week farther along! And they are from my doctor's office, so I figure they have to be right!)

Our little baby is about the size of a "medium shrimp", but I didn't find a picture of that because it sounds a bit gross. :) But, the baby should be about 3 whole inches from head to bottom!!! Grow, baby, grow!!!

My spoiled-by-my-specialist self got antsy waiting 4 whole weeks for my check-up, so I went in on Monday just to hear the heartbeat. It took the nurse 2 tries and about 10 whole minutes and then a few minutes of the doctor trying, but he found it! Our little baby's heart is just going strong!!!

I think I might have a bit more energy these days and I am definitely less queasy. :) So thankful to be in the 2nd trimester for so many reasons!!!!

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