Thursday, July 2, 2009

All Checked Up

Today I went in for my check-up. It was complete with a glucose test -- it's not very nice to make a pregnant mama fast! But it's for a good cause... :)

I really, really love my doctor. I feel like he totally knows what he's doing and he has learned by now that I come with a list of questions and he answers every one.

My first question? I think I'm having contractions? Not to worry. Totally normal. And I only have about one an hour. But thankfully, I had one right there in the office so he could feel it!

My second question? So....can we go ahead and schedule the c-section?? Mark your calendars!!!! Thursday, October 1, 2009!!!! I don't know what you are doing that day -- but I'm going to be having a baby!!! The doc said that with people with "thrombophilia issues" (aka MTHFR) he likes to deliver 1-2 weeks early, since theoretically, blood clots can affect the placenta. But I'm getting a few extra ultrasounds here and there to make sure Baby Sam continues to grow like he should and everything should be just fine.

Also, I recorded the heartbeat with my cell phone today!!! However, I cannot figure out how to get it on here. I'll keep working on it!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow we are taking our maternity/family pictures!!!!


  1. I know where I'll be October 1! Can't wait! When you and Trav as parents, and Emma as a sister, Sam has it made! Love, GJ