Saturday, July 11, 2009


Three ways to document just how pregnant I am. :)

1. Last time I went to the doctor, when I stepped on the scale, the nurse had to choose a new block of weight to measure me with. You know, like instead of starting with one big block and adding the little pounds, she used the next-step-up big block. :)

2. When I was pregnant with Emma, there was a point at which I weighed more than a friend of ours named Paul. And one day, in the car with lots of my girlfriends, I announced that I weighed more than Paul now. One friend said, "Oh, how much does Paul weigh?" and Paul's wife answered! ;) So then, everyone knew at least how much I weighed!!! Well, the time has come. And once again, I weigh more than Paul!

3. When I use a public restroom, if without Emma, I try and avoid the wheelchair accessible stalls, so someone who actually needs it can use it. (If I have Emma, we totally use it -- I mean we are two people after all!) Well, when I step into a smaller stall, I think to myself, oh there's plenty of room in here! But then when I turn to leave, it is almost impossible to get out and I have to squeeze my belly past the door. Well, I put a little thought into it and realized that when I enter the stall, I have all the room in the world because my belly is over the toilet seat. But when I turn around, my belly is smooshed into the door. :) Big stalls, here I come!


  1. Oh goodness, I'll probably be at the same point soon with #1, I don't know who Paul is, but I'll probably weigh more than him soon too and I'm so there with you with #3. I keep thinking how much smaller bathrooms are these days!

    So glad they didn't put you on bed rest, but take it easy. From one pre-term labor girl to another, hang in there! These boys need to cook a bit longer.

    I was counting up today how many weeks I have until pre-term starts for me. If I'm lucky, I have 6 more weeks to go until they put me on meds for that...and then hopefully another 6 weeks of dealing with all those late night triage visits! Drink up on the water and know you're not alone!!!

    Praying Sam hangs in there for a few more months!


  2. Haha I love the above comment "I don't know who Paul is, but I'll probably weigh more than him soon too' haha!!! (hi Allyson, I'm Paul's wife by the way) :)

    Just so you know I had no qualms about announcing his weight that night because that number is seriously like not that far away from my normal weight. So its only scary to tiny little people like you to hear/see that number on the scale. I weighed more than Paul by the time I was finished with my first trimester I think. :) And by the way- you look gorgeous. Thanks for letting me feel Sam kick you. :)

  3. B,

    Haha! You know I don't care, right?? Paul does weigh shockingly little! :) As long as I don't weigh more MY hubby by October.....!!!


  4. Hopefully this will make you feel better... I don't remember how much Paul weighs! But I'm sure I'm probably hovering near that number now and I'm NOT pregnant! :)

  5. I'm sure that I, too, am in the Paul Club. Love, GJ