Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And the answer is....

After getting "squeezed in" this morning at 10:15, by 12:30 I had my answer. :) The doc said maybe, maybe, I was 1 centimeter dialated. But boy, did they make me wait. I really think they were trying to discourage this pre-regular-appointment appointment. hahaaa. He said the same thing -- that now the contractions have to be bigger and stronger than this to need to get checked.

I did get a non-stress-test out of it, and Baby Sam was doing great! At one point, he fell asleep, and the nurse came in and declared that she needed to "wake him up". So she put this thing on my belly and it made a big buzzing sound right on top of him. Poor Sam! He woke up, that's for sure. I don't think either one of us liked it very much. But he's doing great! I really think we are in for the October 1st long haul. But that's only 16 days away!!! Going to see Dr. Fancy tomorrow -- should get some good info from him.

Oh, and everyone needs a neighbor like mine. :) She not only picked my daughter up from school today while I was held up at the doctor, but she is also bringing us homemade lasagna tonight!!! Thanks, Sara!!!


  1. My name is Ashley and I stumbled upon your blog back when you were about 8 weeks prego or so. I have been reading it ever since because I am about a week and half behind you ( 35 weeks on Friday.) I just wanted to say good luck and i'll be praying for you. Check out my blog www.catchinupwiththebassfam.blogspot.com


  2. awwww, tnx. ;) It is my pleasure. I love bringing food to people. Especially very pregnant people who live right across the street and may feel guilted into letting me hold their cute little baby whenever I want (barring sickness, naptime, bedtime, or weird hours of the night).

    And your daughter--sweet, precious, adorable piece of cake! :)