Monday, September 14, 2009

Guessing Game

Well, I never know what to do about these contractions! With Emma, we went to the hospital about 4 or 5 times wondering if it was "time". And it never was. Until I was induced.

And my contractions (that have been going on this WHOLE time, but for sure and documented since 26 weeks) haven't done anything to make the baby come early.

Last time I was at the hospital, the doc said more than 8 and hour it cause to get checked.

But at my last appointment, he just said more and stronger than what I've already been having.

That is hard to measure. :) And I know that if I go in, they probably won't give me medicine to stop the contractions, because I am THIRTY SIX weeks today. But he also said there are only so many times I can come in claiming labor before he can't send me back home without a baby -- or else he'll be totally in trouble if I have the baby on the couch. (I'm sure he said it in better words than that!) And I want his little lungs to be if I go in -- oh, I don't know!

All this to say, about every 5 minutes I have a contraction. I think I'll go to bed. Well, maybe I'll eat some ice cream first. And then go to bed. And call the nurse first thing in the morning and ask to get seen before my Thursday appointment. Because that would be soooo much better than a hospital stay.

Praying that baby Sam will be born healthy and strong and just the right time!


  1. Not that you need extra information on other people's birth stories, but my kids were 3 and 4 weeks early, respectively, about 2 lbs. lighter than baby Sam currently is, and were just fine developmentally. So if you are just thinking, "I MUST go to the hospital!", just know that a friend has been in your same position and things turned out really well.

  2. Great comment from Wendy above. We are all with you, Erica. Go with your instincts and you are in the right path. Sam is in for a treat when he joins the awesome Miller family. Much love to you, and so much excitement! GJ

  3. You know, I wouldn't mind sharing a September 29th birthday with Sam! AND thats only 14 days away! :)