Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet (almost) Birthday Boy

Well tomorrow is the long awaited BIG DAY. :) I think we are all packed and as prepared as can be! Check facebook or the twitter on the side of the blog for updates! We'll post pics when we can, but it might be a pretty busy day. :)

I don't really have the profound words to express myself tonight, so I'll direct you back to this. I still believe it!

I'm praying and boldly asking for the powerful hand of Jesus to heal our baby!


  1. Sweet baby Sam - We are storming the gates of Heaven, lifting you and your sweet mommy up in prayer tonight! By the way, September 29th is a GREAT day for a birthday, I can tell you from experience!!! We'll share a little something else in common!

    I love that Mary Poppins has arrived. We've been watching that movie for the past few days and I love the phrase, "Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way!" I'm guessing this is exactly the way you'd describe GranJan!

    Okay, blessings my blog friend!!! God is Good!


  2. good luck tomorow morning! Baby Sam will be in my prayers tonight before I go to bed! Tomorrow, you will be Sam's Mom!

  3. Y'all are in my prayers today Erica!!

  4. Praying for you all day!! Can't wait to hear how you are all doing.

  5. Sending lot's of prayers your way! Can't wait to see pics of baby Sam!

  6. Prayers for you and Sam tomorrow. God will take care of you both!

  7. Reading your twitter updates!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Baby Sam is adorable!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted on his progress. Sounds like he's doing well!!!