Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From the Rooftops

Happy Birthday, my sweet Baby Sam. What a day it has been!!! ....
We arrived at the hospital this morning around 5 am, got all prepped and by about 7:45 I was in the operating room awaiting my epidural and the doctor to begin! They brought Travis in and we waited behind the blue curtain on pins and needles. After several minutes, Dr. Fancy said, "Here comes Baby!" And at 8:10 am our baby boy was born CRYING. It was the most beautiful sound in the entire world, because it meant he could breathe!!! And let's just say, good thing for my waterproof mascara.

They took him instantly away. Travis had snapped a picture of his first second on the outside, but I didn't get to see him yet. Travis followed Baby Sam out with the NICU team to get all checked out and every once and a while, when the door opened, I could hear his precious cries. So I lay there, praying to the God above that Sam would be okay, and listening to Dr. Fancy direct another doctor on how to close me up.

Shortly after, they wheeled Baby Sam back into the OR, and for maybe 15 precious seconds I got to touch his head and talk to him before they took him to the NICU. And he was BEAUTIFUL! (Or am I supposed to say handsome?)

I got sent to recovery for 2 hours, while grandparents, my neighbor Sara and Travis all took turns gazing at our precious boy. It was hard to be patient. All I had to go on were his little footprints that had been handed to me by a nurse. Well, maybe not so little -- did I mention nine pounds 12 ounces?? 20.75 inches long!
When I got my real room, the first nurse told me I had to wait eight MORE hours to see my baby. But then my new nurse told me eight hours since surgery. Four o'clock couldn't come soon enough.

Sam and I were both surrounded by so much wonderful family today. Down to see Sam. Up to see me. Repeat. But, I think, Baby Sam has had someone with him this whole time!
Fast foward to the really good stuff. Sam had his echo cardiogram today. We waited HOURS for the results, but here goes:
The coarctation that the original cardiologist saw for sure? Can't be seen in Baby Sam's heart anymore.
The arch in his aorta that might have been too small, requiring open chest surgery? Is in the normal range for size.

The valve that might have been closing improperly? Is fine.

We aren't in the clear yet, but FIND ME A ROOFTOP, because I promised to shout from it! God answered our prayers. God answered YOUR prayers. The wonderful NICU nurse that was in charge of Sam all day said it is "likely" that he'll be able to go home with us and that he is treating him like a "normal" baby who is just hanging out in the NICU.

The things in question at this point, which will likely be answered by another echo on Thursday are that 1) his ductus (the valve that should close after birth) is a little large, but could quite possibly just be from being born, as it is a common sight in newborns. 2) The right side of his heart still looks a bit dilated, but nobody seems to concerned at this point.

So with this news, they took him off the warmer, wrapped him up, and started letting people hold him!!! I've been pumping and he's been drinking that from a bottle along with some formula until my supply is greater. The NICU nurse imagines that maybe I'll get to actually nurse him tomorrow. Wouldn't that be great!?

My mom is here on my hospital room couch and Trav is down with Baby Sam. And we are all about to go to sleep. It has been a wonderful and crazy day. I can't express enough my thanks to all of you for your prayers, to my family (and Sara) for their help today and to the God above who has answered our prayers. Thank you, God, for a healthy baby boy!!! May he continue in good health and join our little family at home soon.


  1. Oh that's such good news!!!! Jon and I are so so so so so happy to hear all your fantastic updates and details about Sam's very much looking-good heart!

    I love you and I can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family. Welcome to the world, Sam. Get ready to be loved a TON!



    I love love love the picture of you in your bed reaching out to Sam in his!

    I am so delighted for y'all. God answers prayers and keeps his promises.

    What a beautiful boy (no, you don't have to say handsome if you want to say beautiful!)


  3. Erica--so happy for your sweet family. I am crying tears of joy! GOD is so good all of the time. Can't wait until your home....I will e-mail to see when I can bring a meal by. Lots of Love


  4. What wonderful news! SO, SO, SO happy for you and Trav, and am praising God for his goodness and faithfulness! Sam is very handsome and what a blessing he is :)
    Love, Jenn

  5. Ok, so here I am WEEPING FOR JOY as I read your post. I would be sobbing... you know, the kind of sobbing that comes when a chick-flick really hits you hard... if it weren't for the fact that Chris, lost in computer land, would momentarily look at me like I had totally lost my mind.

    All I can say is, "Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lord!" Thank you for healing - past and present. We bless you and ask you to continue to cause everything in Sam's body to come in to complete alignment.

    I am amazed and still blubbering so I will talk to you more when I'm a little more composed. I can't wait to tell all of the prayer partners I've been sending your updates to! Thank you, Lord!

  6. Awesome News! I have been reading you blog for about 6 months now and I have been praying a lot for you and baby Sam. Your blog is awesome by the way! So glad God answered your prayers and Baby Sam is just so precious! Congrats!

  7. yep, this post is a kleenex-grabber!!.......praise our Father for His awesome mercies on us!....thank You Lord for Your healing hand on Sam!.......yes, sweet Sam is BEAUTIFUL!!......he's so preciously perfect in every way and we couldn't be happier for all of you millers and barretts!......to God be the glory

  8. hi ERICA.,
    i would join with you to shout from the rooftops GOD IS A AWESOME GOD. I am weeping with joy with you and would lift the name of Jesus High !

  9. Thank you God!!!

    What an amazing birth story!!!! I LOVE it!

    All the photos made me cry! Oh Erica and Travis, what a miracle. Congratulations!!! And "beautiful" is an accurate description of the newest little member of your family!

    Thank you, dear God, for answered prayers!

    2 Kings 20:5
    "I have heard your prayers, I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you!"


  10. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!!

    I'm so happy for the two of you, and he is just GORGEOUS!!!

    Love to all of you. :)

  11. This is wonderful news! Congratulations to your entire family!

  12. PRAISE GOD!! WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!! He is absolutely beautiful, Erica! What a big, healthy baby boy! So happy for all of you!

  13. Oh, what wonderful news! I have goose bumps!

    Congratulations again!!!!

  14. What a beautiful baby boy! And an amazing testimony to the love and grace of our Heavenly Father! I've been following your story through Bethany's blog (I'm her mom), and my church in San Antonio has been praying for Baby Sam. . . I can't wait to tell them the good news!

  15. We serve a God of MIRACLES! I am so happy.

  16. This brought tears to my eyes! I am in awe of our God. I am so happy for you and Travis for this wonderful, HEALTHY baby boy.

  17. Praise be to God! He is gorgeous! Love the winking picture!

  18. Praise the LORD Erica! I've been praying for Sam and that the Lord would heal him...

  19. he's beautiful! Praise God and hallelujah for this miracle! Hope you get to bring Sam home very soon ;)

  20. That is the BEST news ever!!! Congratulations Erica and Travis! Now you've made me cry at work :)

    - Molly

  21. so excited for you and i'm probably sitting here crying with everyone else! :) God is amazing and i love love love hearing about little miracles!! congratulations!

  22. What wonderful news. So happy to hear that everyone's prayers brought such a great miracle, Baby Sam is so handsome! A beautiful miracle from God.

  23. THAT IS WONDERFUL NEWS!! GOD IS SO GREAT! You can come over to my roof top and we'll shout together! Congrats on the handsome baby boy!

  24. Oh Erica what an amazing MIRACLE the Lord has blessed you with!! I cried like a blubbering idiot when I read this post and called my husband who joined me!! What an wonderful loving God we have!

  25. These pics are AMAZING!!! He is definitely a beautiful baby boy and such a miracle!!! Thank you Lord for your healing and merciful hand!!!!

  26. Praise God for your beautitful son! Isn't it just like God to leave the Dr.'s scratching their heads about whatever happened to their diagnosis. I am so thankful for your answered prayers, and I will be praying that your sweet son contiues to be strong and healthy! God bless you guys today!

    Jennifer Meers

  27. Glory to God in the highest!!

    I posted about this on my blog... shouting it from the rooftops for you : )

  28. "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15 (or the longer version found at Isaiah 52:7)

    I find it so appropriate that you had a picture of Sam's beautiful little feet before you could see him, because you and Sam have clearly brought good news . . . You have climbed the mountain of carrying him to term, and are now proclaiming how GREAT, gracious, loving, caring, and healing our God is, as you have delivered this healthy baby!!!

    fabulously happy for you guys! continued prayers and blessings for Sam and your family!

  29. You don't know me, I saw your posts on Margaret Welch's blog, but I just wanted to say PRAISE GOD! I am an ultrasound tech and have had to see babies that are not in good shape and it is always hard, but to hear of such an amazing miracle from God makes my heart sing! I cried the whole time I read your sweet blogs! What an amazing story God has given your family!

  30. Wow, what an amazing story! God works miracles. I see that all the time when following women's blogs. Your faith in God has proven to be the best thing for Baby Sam. You are inspirational!

  31. That is absolutely WONDERFUL news!!! So happy for you and your family. Can't wait to see more pics!

  32. What more proof do you need that God indeed exists?! I can barely see the screen through my tears, but we're so happy and amazed at God's works. Can't wait to see him!!

  33. Hi Erica, Congrats on your beautiful baby boy! Not sure how I found your blog, but just wanted to let you know I will be praying for your family. Being a fellow heart momma I can totally relate to your experience. I know all you want is to take Sam home and I will pray you get that wish with all my heart.

  34. God is so good!

    Sam is handsome!

  35. So awesome!!! AMAZING! Such a happy story..thanks for sharing.

    Amy (Joanna's friend & TCH NICU nurse)

  36. That's amazing news! I've gotta tell you - this blog has now twice given me goosebumps (the other time was the story about how you chose Sam's name). I've always sort of struggled with my faith, not knowing quite where I belong and what I believe, but stories like this really can't be explained in any other way than to say that your prayers really were answered and God really was watching over you and your son. Thank you for telling your story and inspiring people like me. :)

    And of course, enjoy your new, adorable son!

  37. What an incredible experience this has been, watching everything unfold from "The Blue Onesie" and a step of faith to a healing of not just one doctor's suspicions of heart problems, but 2 or 3 trained & experienced specialists. One of Sam's nurses in NICU when asked if this going from a diagnosis of major problem(s) to being a 'normal' baby said "Very, very rarely."

    I have been in the presence of a miracle happening right in front of my very eyes. One for which I am so thankful. And one which I will never, ever forget. Praise the Lord Who truly does hear our prayers and to Him be all the glory!

    Welcome HOME, sweet little Sam.

  38. GOD IS GOOD ! Please know that you and your family are in our continued thoughts and prayers ! Thank you for sharing your story with us. The Ellitot Family

  39. Praising God for precious baby Sam! He is so beautiful, and you look stunning. We rejoice with you!