Monday, May 4, 2009

17 weeks!!

Today we are 17 weeks!!! Somehow, in the blink of an eye, 17 weeks sounds like A LOT! The baby is about FIVE INCHES LONG and that's not even including those kicking legs. AND, according to my weekly email, the baby can hear me now and might respond to loud noises!! I bet our crazy barking dogs Nelly-Belle and Penny are making their presence known to the baby with every falling leaf outside. :)

A week from tomorrow is our big ultrasound. I am so excited. Any guesses? We were at a friend's baby shower on Saturday (pictured above) and I talked with 3 different people who claimed to be EXCELLENT baby gender guessers. But, two of them said boy and one said girl. Wouldn't it have been great if they'd all agreed and I could go baby clothes shopping!?!?


  1. Love the new photo! :)

    My guess is BOY. If it's a girl, you'd better tell me to sit down before you give me the news. :)


  2. Erica, I'm so happy you and Travis. I think Emma is absolutely adorable and will a great big sister. I'm going to guess girl, but keep us posted.

  3. 2 of the guessers at the party were right! ;)

  4. Well, I'm pretty sure that either one person or two people were right, and are indeed psychic! I'm thinking boy......=)

  5. And Erica, I love your hair! Love, GJ