Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh, what a week!

I mean, really?? I get to shop for a BOY?????
I am a bit overwhelmed (but in a very good way)! I can't believe there is a little boy growing inside of me. Oh, and just to torture you, he has a name!!!!! But it is still under construction (read: no idea what his middle name is) so you'll have to wait. :) But it's a cute one. And I'm getting used to calling him by his name when we chat. <3
I can't believe how blessed I feel.


  1. ooooh I can't wait to hear the name!!! Boys are soooo sweet and fun! Oh and shopping for boys is probably a little more difficult than for a girl, BUT I always feel like I hit the jackpot when I find something super cute. :)

  2. The clips you uploaded in the previous post are absolutely incredible. I can't believe how clear the photo of him sucking his thumb is. Mine look like they were taken in the stone age!

    Shopping for a new baby is so much fun! The little outfit is adorable!

    Can't wait to hear his name!

  3. I hope you share his name! Boys are such fun and just as fun to shop for :) I do go "awww" by all the cutesy dresses, and then I get reminded by my Dear that "you have boys" as matter of factly as it gets :)

    And when he's 4 years old, you'll get told things like "Mom, did you say to go make my bed and then put my TV in my eye??? Hahahahaha!!!!"... oh the humor of a small child.

    Happy Birthday Sweet E!

  4. We are in for a treat with our new little boy! Lovin' blue these days! Love, GJ