Sunday, May 10, 2009

IT'S A..............................

......picture of my favorite breakfast!

I can't have any milk with my breakfast because the dairy affects my folic acid absorption -- and that is when I take my mega dose pill. So I have to find other things to eat! Underneath all that fruit you'll find 2 whole wheat pancakes, topped with peanut butter. (You simply MUST try a pancake with peanut butter someday. You'll need a dab of syrup, too.) YUM!


  1. I remember well the day you taught me to put peanut butter on my pancakes. I still do it and I still love it.

    Nearly as much as I love you!

    I'm so full of happy thoughts for you, my very favorite knocked-up friend. Can't wait for you to know what sort of bebe you have cookin' in there. What better way to celebrate your upcoming birthday?

    Many hugs and hearts from Seattle today!!!

  2. oh that was just WRONG!!! :) You know what you did... I guess I will wait until Tuesday. :) Happy Mother's Day!

  3. hehheee....I have to pass the time somehow!!!!

  4. Hmmmm...not only does peanut butter on pancakes sound weird, but THAT is a LOT of fruit. ha!

  5. PS: Remember the time we bought the carton of blueberries for the barbecue and ended up eating the entire thing the night before?

    I think you have more blueberries on your pancakes in this picture.