Sunday, May 17, 2009

19 weeks!!!

Today Baby Boy and I are 19 weeks along!!! (Which could be half way, if it's like last time!!) He now has 2 onesies and a pair of cozy pajamas in his wardrobe!! Oh, and a baseball cap! Big Sister thinks his middle name should be "Peanut". Yesterday, though, I think it was "Coconut Head"...

We are officially moving out of the "Wait, was that a flutter? Did I feel something? Hmmmm..." stage and into the "Whoa! Did you feel that, too?" stage. Last night, Trav got to feel our boy kicking, too!
He is about "6 inches crown to rump", but those kicking legs looked pretty long in that ultrasound!! I'd guess he's at least 8 inches long!!!

I found out that my high school reunion is in AUGUST. Oh my. :) I'll be able to hold my plate on my belly by then, for sure!

Loving every minute.

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  1. Seriously, could be any cuter??? Almost half way!! Oh and WHEN do we get to know baby boy's name?????