Saturday, May 30, 2009


Our little boy has been kickin' and rollin' a lot lately. Today he was kicking right above my belly button (which is the harder kick to feel because the placenta is right there...I usually feel him on the side) and I could feel a baby something under there! I guess it was his leg or foot. But it was this little hard spot. And Trav got to feel him too before he rolled away. So fun!

In other news, I made it 20 weeks without getting sick. But now? I caught the little lady's cold. Which is a much better choice than some kind of fevery virus...but I still feel yucky......I can't wait to get to bed. And we are watching a crazy amount of Dora. Here's to a better tomorrow! :)

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  1. So EXCITED for you guys with Baby BOY on the way! Sorry you're not feeling to well right now though! BOO. I have really enjoyed reading/stalking your blog recently and am deeeeelighted for you guys! Just got your comment on my blog, and you're right, I am almost there! and the rash...well it (along with everything else) just makes our Boy all the more special! :)