Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Recap!

Today was quite a day!!!

When we got to the office for my 10 am appointment, they were REALLY behind and there were SIX people waiting in front of me!! No big deal, really, except I was so anxious!!! When they finally called me back, the nurse took me to a curtain and said, "Go here. Take off such and such and leave on such and such and wear this robe and wait here." Easy enough. Until I peaked behind the curtain and found 8 other women waiting in the same robed state! I was not expecting to wait WITH them in my robe!!

When it was finally my turn, the technician took me back to the ultrasound room (Travis was not invited yet) and she took all the important baby measurements. She INSTANTLY knew if it was a boy or a girl and offered me the answer, but I said we should probably wait until Travis was in there. As soon as she was done with all of the measurements, she went and got Trav, brought him in and said, "You've got a little boy in there!" Then she showed us all kinds of fun stuff, including 3D shots of the baby! Amazing!!

Then a doctor came in, took a look at everything and said it all looked just right! With a ton of pictures, a CD, and a report for my doctor in my hands we were ready for part 2. (But because of our long wait, they validated my parking AND gave me the CD for free!)

Part 2 was a visit to my doctor, who confirmed that everything looked great. :)

Part 3 was a trip to the blood center where we BOTH had to get blood drawn. Sorry, Trav! He had to prove his blood type because of the whole RH- thing.

Part 4 was a trip to Chipotle. :) YUM. (Just a side note: We have come SUCH a long way since last year. Just about a year ago, Travis and I sat at a Chipotle after a very, very bad news ultrasound. Just getting a heartbeat this time at 6 weeks was an incredible thing, but to watch our baby BOY kicking, yawning and sucking his thumb right before our very eyes and then be given a HEALTHY report......God is good! We are sooooooooo thankful!)

We are thrilled beyond words to know who is in there!!! What a day! And Big Sister is pretty thrilled too! We went to Target today and she picked out a special toy for him. :)


  1. How dare they make you wait! Don't they know who you are???

    What did Miss E pick out for Thor?

    I'm so glad you had a celebratory Chipotle! MISS YOU!

    Give hugs to Trav for me!

  2. It's all so wonderful! Little boys are the cutest :)

  3. We are elated!

    Love to Eri, Trav and sweet Emma,

    GJ and GD

  4. a boy!!......so excited for you guys!.....those videos are amazing, just unbelievable that they can get video like that!....can't wait to meet you, Baby Boy Miller!!