Thursday, June 11, 2009

22 1/2 weeks!!!

Whoa. Whoa. An extra post. 22 and a half weeks!!! Good times.

Today I had a doctor's appointment. This appointment marked the first time I made it a whole 4 weeks between appointments. (I got spoiled with Dr. Wonderful, the specialist, who saw me every 2 weeks -- and then I had a little habit of going in in between appointments for a doppler or ultrasound. haha.) And guess what?? Now I get to go every 3 weeks! Hooray! :) I just love getting baby Sam all checked out and hearing his sweet heartbeat...and asking all my questions to my very patient doctor.

When he walked in the room today he saw my notepad of questions, picked it up, got comfy in the chair near me and said, "What do we have today?" And then he read through my notes, poking fun at me for drawing a smiley face next to "How many weeks?" as in, how many weeks before the scheduled c-section.

And then he sat with me forever (translation: Emma had enough time to finish the ridiculously large snack I packed for her, that she is allowed to start eating when the doctor walks in the room) and answered each question. Oh, and the answer to the c-section question is "at 39 weeks"!!!

While I pondered this appointment this morning, jotting down my questions and coming up with brand new questions just because I could ask them today, I realized it is easy to get all worked up and focused on what could go wrong. And forget about the part where God told us we were going to have this little one. The part where he promised me a baby boy named Sam.

I often need to clarity of a children's Bible to show me what I need to see. :) In Emma's Bible tonight, we were reading the story of Abraham and Sarah, and how they were really, very old but God promised them a child (well a huge family, really). This is what her Bible said, "Sarah didn't believe God could do what he promised. She had forgotten that when God says something, it's as good as done. (Of course, it was as easy for God to give her a baby son as it was for him to make all the stars in the sky.) Sure enough, nine months later, just as God has promised, Sarah gave birth to a baby boy.....Her dream had come true."

We love you, Baby Sam and we can't wait to meet you in 16 1/2 weeks!!! :)


  1. Oh, what a wonderful post, Eri! And we, too, can't wait to meet our new lil' Miller! :)

  2. We love sharing your happiness and excitement! Can't wait for Sam! Love, GJ