Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good News

So, good news times 2!

1. My pulled muscle is BETTER!!! I am soooooooooo thankful. And happy. And relieved. My dear hubby was afraid it wouldn't heal til the baby got here! Which, by the way, if you are counting is only 14 1/2 weeks away!

2. Baby Sam's pack-n-play has shipped!!! (Which also means all my craigslisting has paid off and we sold our old stuff!) I ordered it through Walmart dot com and got it shipped for free to our store, so it should arrive soon! I mean, how cute and cozy does it get! That little part on the top left is a "newborn napper", which I am very excited about. They didn't have that when Emma was a baby!

That was our item of the week! Next week...I'm thinking curtains! :)


  1. Love the new blog design... and your photo at the top - how cute!!

    Your pack 'n play looks like a newer model of the one we have. I love the vibrator attachment. In fact, when we stopped using the pack 'n play, we jammed the vibrator under the crib mattress and put the controls on the crib rail.

  2. Oh my word, I love the newborn napper part of the pack n play. How great! I bet you will love it!!!!

  3. Man, playpens just aren't playpens anymore! (And yes, I call them playpens... can't get used to pack n play still). Wonder what else they can stack up on the top! Very cute :)

  4. OOOOOHHHH, sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Glad that your pulled muscle is better! I love the new pak n play!!! Can't wait to meet Sam!!!!