Monday, June 29, 2009

25 weeks!!!!

We've rolled right on into the 25 week mark! That means, based on our plan with the doctor, 14 weeks to go! Then we'll be gazing into this little boy's sweet face!

He is "a pound and a half" now, according to the web, but apparently he was that much at my last ultrasound! And he is 13 1/2 inches long! Whoa! Emma has a baby doll that is 14 inches long and it's gigantic! haha.

My job for this week, along with finding his curtains (!) is making a "To-do/To-buy list", you know, so we don't forget anything important like a car seat. ha! And also, trying to decide if we are going to do one of those 3D-4D ultrasounds at an ultrasound place -- where you can bring your whole family, they put it up on a giant TV to watch and you take home a DVD full of memories. While I realize it is totally unnecessary because I HAVE 3D pix of the little guy, it sounds like such a special experience. Once I finally convinced Trav that it was worth the moola (haha), now I have to decide if I think it's safe enough. Yes, the doctor says it is safe, but the ultrasound is not with a doctor -- although it would be at a certified place with quality machines. Oh, I don't know! I just want to get a peek at him!!! :) Has anybody done this kind of ultrasound?

Oh, and since we started "counting" days of this pregnancy on January 1 (great way to start a brand new year, I'd say!) that means on Wednesday I'll be 6 months pregnant! All of a sudden that sound like a lot!

Well, no pictures for you today, but we do have our photo shoot with Erika on Friday. :) Wahoo!



  1. Hey Erica- I had one of the 3D/4D ultrasounds when I was pregnant with Cody. It was AWESOME!!! We went to Clearview Ultrasound because one of Johnny's swim parents works there. It was a very calm and I felt very safe :)

  2. 6 months! I know you are loving every day!! Love, GJ

  3. Whereas I didn't have one with either pregnancy, my doc has informed me that those types of machines can see things that others can't. I will be getting this done with my next. Plus, just to get to see him up close would be soooo cool. Good luck!