Saturday, June 6, 2009

All Things Boy

When we go shopping these days, the boy clothes all seem to have imaginary twinkly stars floating around them. I just can't stop gazing at them!!! haha. Here is the start to baby Sam's new wardrobe.....A gift from my neighbor, Sara!

Could an outfit be any cozier???

Big Sister picked these out for her little brother. <3

When we were picking this one out, we were trying to decide between "newborn" and "0-3 months"...since our baby girl weighed NINE pounds. The girl working at the store said, "Okay, I'm deciding for you. Our clothes run big, get the newborn." Then the other girl working there said, "When are you due?" I told her October. She counted months on her hand. And the first girl said, "Girl! That's going to be a big baby! I'm switching you to the "0-3 months". ;)

A gift from Sugar and Poppa! :)

A gift from GranJan and GranDude!

This morning Trav has steamed the carpet in the baby's room. A while back, we had gotten so proud of our new puppy for not having any accidents. And then? And then we found the baby's room. It had become the puppy's secret spot know. Oy. So it is cleared out, vacuumed, steamed and in much better shape. But those kind of puppy "accidents" soak down to the carpet pad and I'm pretty much disgusted. We are trying to decide if we should call Stanley Steamer for a good all over house cleaning before the baby comes OR splurge on new flooring. Hmm.....


  1. Little boy clothes are Just. So. Cute. So happy for you guys!!!!! :)

  2. Of course, I love all the clothes! AND I love the stuff for Sam's room! It's about TIME you started getting that room ready! :))

  3. 22 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love love love shopping for little boy clothes!! They are adorable! I only wish that their selection was bigger... have fun!!