Monday, June 22, 2009

24 weeks!!!

I almost let 24 Weeks come and go without posting!!! :)

Our baby boy is doing great!! My cough is gone -- my pulled muscle is NOT -- but in the absence of coughing it doesn't really bother me. He's been kicking and hiccuping (I think) a ton and I love every second!

We are about to buy his item of the week -- a pack-n-play!!! We got Emma's out over the weekend and it was soooo gross. It looks very, very used well loved, has been chewed on by the dogs and has a big stain from who knows what. We decided that Baby Sam needs a new one. :) (Emma slept in hers in our room for about the first 6 months until she moved to her room. Then we took it everywhere we went on overnights and she loved it!)

My good fried is an amazing photographer and she is going to take maternity/family pix for us next week. I'm so excited!!! And I told you I love Etsy, right? I had a friend's sister, who has an Etsy shop, make a cute shirt for Emma to wear in the pix. It is a white tee with a baby blue heart on it! I can't wait to get it in the mail!

My next OB appointment is on July 2. I tried to make it for Friday, July 3 -- but they are out for the holidays. And then? And then I remembered what happened last July 3. What a long way we've come. Last July 3 I had a d&c at 10 weeks. Oh, how I'll never forget that tiny little baby. And how I spent 4 weeks wondering if the baby was okay in there. And how I was very much so already showing. It was a very weird place to be in. Looking pregnant. Feeling pregnant. Still pregnant? I have a bracelet on my wrist that I think I have only taken off twice in the last year that has two tiny charms on it - to help me remember the two tiny babies who I will meet one day in Heaven.

So this July 3, I will be even more thankful for this kicking, rolling, hiccuping, growing, healthy baby boy in my tummy. I love you, Baby Sam!

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